A report designed to increase your return from your Leaflet Delivery Campaigns


Mistake Number 1

Putting you company logo or name at the top of the leaflet!

Well here’s the thing – Nobody cares what you call your company apart from you and your mum!! –
That’s right, it doesn’t matter whether you’re called Bobs plumbing services, Joe’s taxi, or Cleanaway
Dry Cleaners. What matters to the person reading it is “What can this company do for me”

The portion of space at the top of the leaflet is very valuable real estate, it’s one of the first things
that the reader will look at and should be used to grab their attention and get them hooked into the
rest of the leaflet.

Put your logo, company name near the bottom right corner of the page – I’m only interested in what
you’re called once you’ve convinced me that I need your services.

Mistake Number 2

Not having an attention grabbing heading at the top of the leaflet

Headlines sell! It’s as simple as that. Having a great headline can make the difference of the person
picking up the phone or putting the leaflet directly in the bin. You’ve got about 2 seconds to grab
that person and convince them that they need to read on. So how do you do that? Well I’ve enough
material to write a complete series on headlines alone, but here’s two pointers.

•Ask a question – The brain is designed to solve problems. We’re already preconditioned to
answering questions that have been put in front of us, so make the reader think

•Create some pain – Get some emotion in the headline, get them wanting to know that things
aren’t as they should be

Examples of great headlines are:

•Are you fed up with having a dirty patio?

•Are your kids bored during the summer holidays?

•Are you afraid that your marketing budget is being spent but you’re not getting the results?

•Would you like to know the secret of having a beautiful garden?

You get the idea. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, you can then use some great content in rest
of the leaflet to tell them how you can answer their question and clear their pain.

Mistake number 3

Not having a strong time sensitive special offer on the leaflet

You’ve got to get people taking action and taking action now. You need to smack them in the face
with an irresistible offer that gets them running to the phone. And they must do it now!
It’s no good having an offer that ends in 6 months or one that runs indefinitely. A special offer that
is available all year round is not special! It’s just something that you do all the time – It’s part
of your normal pricing.

When thinking about special offers, be imaginative. We see “10% Discount” all the time, we’re
conditioned to it. Do we really believe that 10% isbeing discounted or did they originally inflate the
price to compensate?

Give the prospect something special – Give them something extra that they would not have expected
otherwise and something that will make a difference
Special Offers don’t always have to cost you either – They can be a great way of up-selling.

Take this example:

A takeaway owner who wants to increase his average value sale per customer from £25 to £30

He puts out an offer – Free bottle of coke for orders over £30 – The bottle of coke costs him pennies,
but he increases his sale value by £5

Don’t be afraid of giving something away that does cost you either – Think of it as part of your
marketing spend to acquire a new customer – If you know the lifetime value of your customer, you’ll
know how much you can afford to spend on the offer.