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GPS Tracking On All Deliveries

As standard,  all our leaflet deliveries are tracked using GPS Technology. You’ll see the exact route taken by our delivery people giving you confidence that your leaflets have been delivered to the right place

Demographic Targeting

When you contact us, Using our Sonar Demographic Data, we’ll work with you to produce a delivery plan that targets the people that are most likely to buy.

Access to Your Local Flyer Trak-IT

You’ll get a login to Your Local Flyer Trak-IT. A unique customer portal that will allow you to track the progress of your campaign as well as give you access to all of the GPS tracks.

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There are a number of different leaflet distribution services that we can offer which is why we don’t issue a one size fits all quote.  Simply enter your details on the right and we’ll get in touch and find the most suitable plan for you.