Guaranteed Leaflet Delivery

Satellite tracking – the basis of our guaranteed leaflet delivery.

Whichever delivery service you choose, The Leaflet Delivery Company guarantees that every leaflet you give us will get delivered through the right door.Guaranteed Leaflet Delivery

All our distributors carry a satellite tracking device, so we always know that your marketing material is exactly where it should be.

Our Guarantee:

Once we’ve agreed your delivery plan with you, you’ll be covered by our Prove It Guarantee.

If we don’t deliver your leaflets to the areas agreed, within the timescales agreed then

  1. You won’t pay for the mis-delivered leaflets
  2. We’ll reprint the leaflets, free of charge
  3. We’ll deliver them again, free of charge

For complete peace of mind about every leaflet delivery round, call us now on 01908 760 800

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