It’s those little touches

I’ve just got back from a weeks holiday in Rhodes. It was a chance to recharge the batteries and take some well earned time off.

We had a fantastic time, the hotel was brilliant, nothing was too much trouble for the staff and we were very well looked after.

Now, I’ve been on holiday before but I have to say that this was the holiday that I felt the most valued as a customer..  I’ve been thinking about the experience and have asked myself what it was that was different about this holiday than the others and what was it that made us feel special.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there wasn’t one major thing, but lots of little touches – Lots of opportunities that the holiday company have identified and given some proper thought to to ensure that we rave about them, talk about them and keep coming back to them.

Here’s some examples otedf what they did.

  • On checking in at the airport, my little boy and my friends little girl had teddy bears with them.  The check-in assistant gave each of them their own special “Teddy” boarding pass to be handed in on the plane.
  • It was my sons birthday on the day we travelled.  Halfway through the flight, the air hostess made an announcement on the speakers getting everyone on the plane to sing happy birthday.  The pilot made the effort to come and wish him happy birthday and after we landed showed him into the cockpit. All done without asking or prompting by us
  • On arrival at the hotel, our bags were taken straight from the coach and straight to our rooms whilst we were shown to the reception area – We were given a glass of sparkling wine and taken through the registration procedure before being shown to the room
  • As we arrived late at the hotel after travelling all day, the hotel had kept the restaurant open with a light buffet for us and the other arrivees.  It would of been very easy for them to say “Sorry, restaurant shuts at 11”
  • During the week, when we were by the pool, occassionally there would be waiters coming round with plates of watermelon or Orange slices
  • The holiday reps, entertainment staff and Kids Club staff made an effort to visit people for a chat – They got this just right, not pestering us but being very friendly and keeping us informed about what was going on on the complex.
  • On the last day, we were given a complementary room for 30 minutes before our transfer so that we could get showered and changed.
  • On boarding the transfer coach back to the airport, the two hotel duty managers came and handed everyone bottles of water for the journey – They were accompanied by a lifesize Shrek characther who played with the kids and kept them entertaining whilst we were waiting.

All in all, they did everything they could to make our holiday enjoyable and special.  None of these things cost a great deal.  They didn’t take a great deal of effort in time. It just required some thinking and a willingness to do something different.  The reward for doing this is that we’ll definately be going back and using the same holiday company. I’ll definately recommend them to friends and family and I’ll talk about them for a long time.

Just so you know, it was The Holiday Village in Rhodes, booked with First Choice Holidays.

So, the big lesson here, the questions I’m asking myself and staff are

“What can we do to make my customers feel special?”
“What are the little touches that I can give?”

“What is it that will make us different from the rest?”

This is worthy of some thought.    Please leave a comment below to let us know what special touches you give your clients.

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