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GPS Tracked Leaflet Delivery: the touchstone of our guarantee.

The Leaflet Delivery Company were amongst the first in the UK and was the first in Milton Keynes to use GPS tracking to verify our leaflet deliveries. Its how we’ve always been able to show you that every one of your leaflets has been delivered through the right door. And it’s also how we always know that your marketing material is exactly where it should be.

Our system gives us enhanced accuracy of all our tracks and an interactive view of the delivery round. We’ve found that it gives us unsurpassed evidence that every bit of your marketing material has been delivered and we utilise the tracking technology on our leaflet delivery rounds.

We hold this data for a period of at least 1 year. At any time our clients can request copies of the track files and confirm for themselves that we have carried out the entire delivery in the way that we said we would.

Take a look at this short video. As you can see, it shows virtually every single house that we delivered to. Apart from inviting you to accompany the delivery person in charge of your round, we can’t think of any better way of giving you ultimate peace of mind.

Our Guarantee

If you give us 10,000 leaflets, we know that 10,000 people will see them. We guarantee it, and we can prove it. Not only are we guaranteeing our delivery, we guarantee that they’ll be to the houses agreed in the time scale agreed. If we don’t we’ll give you double your money back.
Your delivery guaranteed 100% or your money back!
For complete peace of mind about every leaflet delivery round, call us now on 01908 760 800

We back up our delivery with a 200% money back guarantee. If we can’t satisfy you that the delivery has happened we will give you your money back – No questions asked!

Phone us on 01908 760800 to secure your delivery!


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