Winning Words

How to write a 101 Killer Headline


In the words of the Paul Simon song, there are ’50 ways to leave your lover’ … but you may be
surprised to find that there are at least double that number of ways to write a killer headline that
will grab attention to your leaflet or advertising literature so that it gets noticed.

Psychology, greed, the need to have an answer to a question, the ‘what’s in it for me’ factor … are
all reasons why people will pay attention to your headline … and what’s more … to entice them into
reading the rest of the copy that follows.

The headline grabbers listed here have all been tried and tested many times over and continue to
prove they are winners.

If you are sceptical … try using any of killer headlines that follow and see the difference it will
make to your response rates. You will be in for a pleasant surprise!

Obviously … headline grabbers have to be used to match the product or services you are trying to
sell and it is important that the body copy that follows is applicable to the statement made by your
headline. While some killer headlines will work for one type of business or offer – other may be more

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